We're A Small Team, With Big Ideas

We're a team of film makers and photographers with in-depth understanding of impactful content creation.


We travel far, wide and high to capture the best content for our customers. We use the latest camera and drone technology to record our content and our skills in adventure safety to get to those places most people can not. 


We educate, inspire and build long lasting relationships with our clients. We are anything but corporate.

Meet The Team

Sam Beaumont

Founder/Camera Man/Adventurer

Sam specialises in Aerial PhotographyFilmography and Post Production, spending most of his time out flying drones, on adventures and editing footage into emotive films.

An outdoor adventure instructor turned digital media creator, now exploring the ins and outs of video design as well as the Welsh rock faces.


He is a lover of anything outdoors. Mountain biking, rock climbing and adventure, you name it, Sam has hurt himself doing it. 

Matt Freeman

Camera Man/Hang Drum Hero/Outdoor Instructor

What Matt doesn't know about photography isn't worth knowing.

Matt's experience in photography is only matched by his level of professionalism in each and every opportunity.

His love for being behind the camera means Matt travels far and wide shooting landscape photography, product photography, promotional projects and weddings, the list goes on...

Seb Spencer

Photographer/Bearded Legend/Chef

Seb is a true gentleman. He is a photography legend and his work has featured on BBC broadcasts. 

Seb's passion for photography has helped him work in real estate photographypet photography, landscape photography and calendar production.

A chef by night, photographer by day. Seb pours his heart into every shot, using his own style to capture locations in an artistic way.

His favourite past time, stroking his incredible beard whilst looking into the distance.